What to Expect During Your Appointment

STEP 1: Consultation 15-20 min.

Welcome to Microhair Aesthetics! This is where we’ll have you fill out the consent form and get to know you and your brow goals and lifestyle. We’ll examine your shape through photos of your brows or in person and ask you a few questions about your daily routine. We’ll also discuss your individual brow shape and brow pigment color.

STEP 2: Treatment Day 2 hrs.

We'll map a customized brow outline best suited to your face structure and features. After reviewing and approving the shape and making any adjustments, your brows are ready to begin their transformation! Each brow design is unique in that no two natural eyebrows are exactly the same. To achieve the most natural look the hair strokes may vary slightly per brow.

STEP 3: Aftercare

We made it! Your brows are now ready for the world! We will review after care instructions with you and provide you with an aftercare kit that includes everything you’ll need for the initial healing period of 7-10 days. It’s vital that you adhere to the aftercare instructions to achieve the best results and retention for your brows. We wouldn’t want you to waste all that time and TLC you just invested into creating them!


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